Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had Easter Dinner at the Rozmus household. It was delicious, ham, potatoes, asparagus, rolls and herb dip, etc. etc. Needless to say we came home stuffed. It was great!

As you can see, Stella was dressed as the Easter Bunny after her bath Sunday morning, however, she did not enjoy taking pictures for mom and dad. She tried her best to be screaming and throwing a tantrum in every picture snapped, but we got a couple where you can't tell she's too upset. Once we got her dressed and ready for church, she was much more delightful!

The Easter Bunny brought Stella a basket, and luckily remembered to put something in it for Andy and Me as well.

About two weeks ago I bought this adorable bunny headband that I was patiently waiting to snap a picture of Stella in. When I first bought the headband, Stella would wear it for a couple of minutes just staring at me like - there is something on my head, I guess I better not move. However, I never took the opportunity to take a picture because for some reason I thought it was important to wait until Easter. Bad move. By the time Easter rolled around, she figured out how to whip that thing off so fast I didn't even have a chance. I guess there is always next year...we will have to try again.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow Goin'

Well. I finished two more pages...finally. I better stop now and get the dishes done. If I don't, they will pile up too high and I will never get to them. These two are from when we all fed the stingrays at Sea World. That was crazy. You can see them swimming towards your hand, and the anticipation of their slimy nasty mouths is almost too much to take. I screamed both times I "fed" them. I'm not sure I actually kept my hand in the water long enough to say that they ate from my hand, because I would get creeped out and quickly pull my hand up. I am sure they are harmless animals, but lets face it...they are a little gross. Andy Fed the stingrays also, but I think he was more excited to feed a bystanding bird. He held (waved) the little fish in the air and the big bird flew right down and snatched it so fast. It is pretty amazing the system Sea World has. Have tourists pay us to come here. Then have them pay us to feed our animals for us. Nice thinking guys. But it's worth it for the memories:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something to get you salivating...

So Stella has a little cold, and she's getting her 2nd tooth in, so she is pretty sensitive these days. That makes for a couple of nights with not much sleep, and a couple of days with not much getting done. So I don't have too many scrapbooking pages done, but I will post what I have from the trip so far. Andy suggested I do this because if I post them all at once then it is, "so many pictures, so much stuff...and then a little bit of writing at the end." So here are the pictures from the first Day when Stella and Jagger "got to know each other". Jagger was unimpressed by Stella's ability to grab and scratch. He would even start crying on occasion when she would come around. Poor little guy. His one advantage - he can crawl a lot faster than she can scoot.

While we were in Orlando - one of the things we did was go to Sea World. I have plenty more pictures of Sea World to come - but this is the first batch. Enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

We're Back...

Well, we made it back from our awesome vacation in Orlando with Andy's Parents and Brother Alma and his wife Nicole and their son Jagger. We had a blast, and I can't wait to post all about it - but I am going to scrapbook pages first - so that I can put those up rather than put up ...oh...200 or so pictures. I am trying to do this quickly as I know my parents are anxiously awaiting the pictures and stories, so check back often, hopefully soon you will see something exciting.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Manly Man

Our Ward Youth had a service project building an obstacle course at the camp they go to. Being that I am in Young Womens, I went, and luckily brought Andy along. There were some extremely heavy "poles" that needed to be moved, lifted, and placed in the ground. It was a big job. Andy was just the man to do it. He once again proved to me just how strong he is. I love that Andy enjoys working hard so much. His motivation and strength are two of the things that made me fall for him in the first place. He got the job done - and had a good time getting away from the desk for a little while. I had it real tough - I held Stella and indulged in a little chit-chat.

I'll never learn...

Every time I cut my own bangs, I think...never do that again. However, time and time again I do it...again. Oh well - I guess some things never change. At least Stella enjoys sliding her fingers through them whenever she can.