Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An aunt again!

Today my little sis Michelle had her precious little baby girl. I was so glad to not only be able to be in Utah to see the little bundle of joy, but also to be in the room when she made her way into this crazy world. She is sooo precious. I love her a ton. (it doesn't hurt that she is named after me.) If you get a sec... go check out my sister's blog and see her adorable little girl!

Monday, December 14, 2009

missing you x 2

This last little while has been crazy. Andy is now done with finals, but is still finishing up his 30-50 page paper. The kids and I have packed up and made an unexpected visit to Utah. My Sister is past due to have her little baby girl, and we are looking forward to a trip to Colorado for Andy's sis's wedding. Throw Christmas into the mix, and it gets really hairy.

My mom called me on Dec. 4th and told me that my sweet Grandma Lund wasn't doing to well. She was unresponsive, and they thought it could be hours, maybe days. We had heard she wasn't doing well before, she often struggled, but always managed to pull through (against her will). This time, I somehow knew it was probably it. Maybe an hour later I got the call that she had passed on. My Grandma Lund was the sweetest person ever. She was so genuine, caring, and humerous. We all loved her so much. We are sad we don't get to have her around anymore, but I am truly happy for her. She is where she wants to be. With her sweetheart, my Grandpa LaMar. Unfortunately Andy was right in the middle of finals, and had to stay behind while the kids and I flew out to Utah to see her one last time, and be with Family as we celebrated her.

Despite coming out here for a funeral, we are really having a good time. We have been able to see lots of family and friends. The timing worked out so that we should be able to see my sis Michelle's baby ... which was somthing I was really going to be sad to miss. ( now if the babe would just come... we are ready and waiting. ) If only Andy could be with me. I HATE being away from him. And I'm pretty sure our kids do as well. It feels kind of lonely to be in a place where we made so many memories ... without him by my side. Plus, he is the one in the family who would really appreciate all the snow we've been getting.

I finally got to meet my best friend Rashel's little boy Cooper. If only our kiddos could play together more. Maybe one day!