Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here is Sterling sitting in "Stella's" bumbo seat. It, along with everything else Sterling ever wants or uses, is hers. Just ask her... actually, you don't have to ask her, she'll tell ya - loud and clear. If your too close to her or anything that is hers, she'll "politely" ask you to SCOOT BACK! Sterling has spit up in the chair a couple of times now, so maybe Stella will be willing to give it up now.

Stella wants to hold Sterling all the time - still. He usually just tries to ignore the fact that she is playing with his hair, his pacifier, his hands, etc. and just bide his time until I take him back. Sweet kid gets more LOVE than he would ever know what to do with. From the look of things, Stella is going to be a fantastic mom, a little on the controlling side, but definately loving. She is constantly telling him "it's ok" and "love you". It is so sweet to watch her with him, when she's not yelling "MINE" that is.

the luckiest kids in the world

I don't think my kiddos know how good they have it. They got a dad who LOVES to play with them. Swing them, fly them, chase them, tickle them... boy did they make out in the Dad department. Stella has had her fair share of flying around the world in her daddy's arms, and now Sterling is getting his chance. We're pretty sure he loves it.

Florida pics

We (and Emile, the Rozmus's French exchange student who Stella is in love with) went to Florida to spend some time with Andy's parents who were on a little trip in Orlando. We stayed with them at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and had a FANTASTIC time. The hotel is probably my favorite hotel ever - there is a big lake in the center, with fish and ducks to keep Stella entertained, as well as two huge pools with all sorts of fountain/waterfalls to allow Stella hours of fun. We went last year too, but Stella was still too young to fully enjoy it. This time, however, she was in heaven. She spent hours at the pool, and we all had a blast! Thanks Duane and Audrey for the wonderful trip!

Enjoy the millions of pictures!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Code Adam

Stella in one of her favorite hiding spots. Too bad they aren't all as painfully obvious of spots as this one - the corner of our kitchen.

While making our way home from Florida on Monday, we decided to make a little stop at some truck station so that I could feed Sterling. Andy and Emile (the french foreign exchange student staying with the Rozmus') decided to take advantage of the moment and get Stella out of the car for a little break. While Andy was "shopping" with her, she turned the corner around an isle. Andy says he turned no more than two seconds after her, and she was gone. I think, "like she fell into a hole" were his exact words. They tried to find her for a second, and then alerted management. A code Adam was called, and immediately everyone started looking for Stella. Andy looked in every cupboard at least once. Emile ran outside to see if she could have jetted through the doors, but after looking around for only a few seconds, ran back inside. That's when I saw him, through the car window while feeding Sterling, and I knew Stella was lost. I automatically had the thought that he was looking for Stella, but I thought that if they actually couldn't find her, Andy would call me. No call, so I figured she must be safe, and maybe Emile was looking for Andy or something. They searched everywhere for Stella, and then searched everywhere again. Emile went back to one of the stock rooms near where Stella had "just" been, and the manager in there assured him that no one had been in there. Andy says that a million different things were going through his mind. Finally, when Emile went to check the stock room one more time - he heard Stella yell his name, trying to be found. All one big game of hide and seek. She was in the back corner between a whole bunch of stuff. Emile said she was in the best hiding place she could have been. Thank goodness she saw him and called out his name, or who knows how long the "game" would have gone on. Stella loves to hide, she is almost always "hiding" at home, and she often makes her toys hide, and then laughs so hard about it. Looks like we are going to have to drive into her head that she is only allowed to hide when we are "playing a game" together at home. We are so glad it was just a scare, and that she is perfectly safe and sound.