Sunday, February 27, 2011

snap happy tree huggers

One of the things we were most looking forward to when buying a house was having a yard. Andy is a true outdoor lover, and though I really appreciate the heated/air conditioned indoors, I also get great satisfaction from spending time outside on a nice evening with a slight breeze blowing. Because we bought a "new" house, we have had to start from scratch with the backyard. We have no grass, no fence (besides the very back) etc... so we have had fun planning. Of course we can't do everything we would like to, at least not right away, but we are slowly making progress with our little place in this world. We started our backyard off with planting fruit trees. Andy has long been a fruit tree "thief" and has been known to ask perfect strangers if he could take some fruit from their trees. He has also been known to skip the asking part. Hopefully now he can keep himself out of trouble, and just eat the fruit off our own trees. We planted an apple cocktail, bing and black tartaran cherries, and elberta peach so far. (we are thinking about another peach... for cross pollination, we will see...)

Enjoy the pics... and there are many. Because our family is about to change in a big way with the addition of our soon to be born little man, I can't seem to leave a single picture out. I want to remember every little snapshot of our lives these days, as they will soon never be the same. (and sorry many of the pics are blurry etc... many of them were taken through our screen:))

More of our backyard work to come!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belly shot

Here I am at 31 weeks 3 days. I am now 33 weeks 3 days, and feel much larger than this pic. :) I also now have PUPPS. The steroids seem to be helping though, so that is good. This baby moves a ton, so much that while laying in bed at night, I often get nauseas from all the constant moving. At least I am not concerned about him being ok in there though, so that is a plus. The doc keeps saying, well, you aren't diabetic and some babies are just big babies... and then he will say that he thinks this babe will split the difference weight wise between my other two (6.6 and 8.7) so I am not sure if he will be big or small, or average. But he does feel big. I feel like every little spot in my belly is taken up by him. Moving is at the stage where it takes major effort to get up, and twisting and bending is horribly uncomfortable, so I can tell it is almost time. (Hallelujah) I was all nervous about having this baby a while ago... wasn't sure I was REALLY ready for three, but now I am just excited. I am sure it wont be all that easy, but I will have a new little munchkin that is all mine... so it will be fun.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


This little man turned two today... we will post about our awesome adventures celebrating soon!