Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adrenaline Junkie...

Stella didn't stop for a second today while at the playground. It was down the slide, run to the stairs, or the curvy ladder, or some other way to make it back to the top, to go down the slide again. Over and over and over again. She just may be a little adrenaline junkie!

Monday, March 8, 2010

such fun ages

Both of my kids are in super fun stages right now. I love it. Tonight while in the bath tub, Stella was lathering Sterling in bubbles, and she told him she was making him into a princess. While at the park today, she was playing in the sand, building little piles of it, and she said she was making a baby. (out of sand) Yesterday, she had a dish towel wrapped up, and was walking around bouncing it and singing to it - she told me she was holding baby Jesus. Speaking of yesterday, everything in the past was yesterday to Stella. And everything in the future is tomorrow. It doesn't matter if it was 15 seconds ago or 15 months ago... it was yesterday. Her little understanding is so cute.

And then there is Sterling. He is so into dogs right now. He will sit and bark in the direction he once saw a dog, just hoping it will re-appear. And he loves to communicate. Through sign, or talking. He talks quite a bit for a one year old. We hear all the time how unbelievable his talking is. It's probably because he has such a great example of non-stop talking in his big sister. He is a pro-walker, and loves to walk around the house exploring. He gets into a lot more than Stella ever did. She wanted our help, so she wouldn't touch as much on her own. Sterling just digs right in to whatever it is he is curious about. They are so much fin right now!!

The other day, they sat on the porch... just the two of them, and ate their apples for a good 20 minutes straight. Just sitting there chomping away. It was so cute - I had to snap some shots. Here they are, enjoying their little feast.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

boo boo

Poor Sterling hurt his eye. It doesn't look all that bad in this pic, but he messed it up pretty good. Little dude fell onto a "toy" block and then cried his eyes out. Poor baby! I've stepped on a few of these same blocks, and they hurt pretty bad. I guess this is just one more step in the direction of the inevitable broken bones and skinned knees little boys like to come home with.