Friday, October 29, 2010

Check it!!!

Andy passed the South Carolina State Bar, and is officially an Attorney, or at least will be after being sworn in next month...
I am one proud wifey right now!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fair

We have gone to the fair every year since we moved here... and it has become a tradition we love. The first year, we spent a lot of time being shocked at all the food they were selling. Things like fried pepsi, fried candy bars, fried oreos... seriously??? Two years ago we even brought ourselves to pay the $4.00 to taste the fried pepsi... and it was kind of a let down... but I'm glad to have that story to tell. This year they were selling donut hamburgers, using two donuts instead of a bun. Andy offered to buy me one, and you would think that in my pregnant state one might sound good, but it didn't. Anyway, I took this picture just as we got out of our car in the parking lot, just to kind of warm up the camera. Then it flashed "change battery pack" and shut off. No way!

So we spent the rest of the time enjoying ourselves "in the moment" rather than worrying about what things might look like through the lens, but also "missed" a few fun memories that I wish we could have captured. Luckily Andy had the iphone to snap some super important things... and I will add those pics when he gets home:).
We spent a good amount of time with the animals. Stella is obsessed with feeding them. She would very faithfully walk around the petting zoo, picking up animal food that had been dropped by others, and fed as many goats and sheep as would take her food. She may have even fed the donkey... I can't remember, but I do know she was very into it. Didn't even have time to talk she was so focused. (And that is really saying something with her). Sterling tried to put some of the food pellets in the goats nose, but couldn't grasp the concept that he had to simply hold his hand flat in order to feed the animals. He wanted to shove it in their mouths for them. They didn't appreciate him too much. But he still had a good time. Then we looked at horses. Sterling really liked the horses. Maybe "cowboy" wouldn't have been a bad name for him after all.
The kids also both really enjoyed climbing on the tractors. And we enjoyed looking at some of the photography, and cake decorating, and quilts etc. But before we left, we had to let the kids go on a ride. We decided we were going to wait until they asked to go on one to ever do it, and sure enough... this was the year. Stella noticed the rides first thing. Before we even entered the fair parking lot she was asking if she could go on the big pink thing that was up in the sky... so we did it. I was nervous at first, thinking they would chicken out and want to get off like they did last year with riding ponies, and that they may just stand up and try to hop off, surely mangling their little bodies in the process... but after strapping them in as tightly as I could, and warning them to hold on tight... the little trucks they were riding in began to "drive" in circles, and their faces lit up. They laughed and squealed, making sure we knew how awesome their lungs worked, and made the $4.00 we spent on tickets for one measley little kiddie ride seem somehow worth it. They had an absolute blast - and our night at the fair was complete!

Friday, October 15, 2010

By now this time around I have
- felt the baby move
- gone through at least ten rolls of toilet paper to blow my nose (thanks hormonal allergies)
- craved salsa, candy, and deli sandwiches
- not thrown up once
- had a severe aversion to avocados or guacamole and olives... even writing the words makes my stomach churn
- decided what I think the baby is (a girl)... but we'll have to see.
- thought how crazy I am for having another one already... my two seem to be plenty, but I guess it's too late now:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Third times the charm

This pregnancy has been heaven when compared to my other two. (knock on wood) I have still been needing Zofran and Reglan for nausea... however, with them I am able to completely manage it. I have not actually thrown up once this whole time! And 98% of the time I feel great. It is pretty awesome. I have not felt the need to stuff myself with pizza and rolls either - also due to the lack of nausea. This equals less weight gained which is a major plus. I do however crave sweets and salsa... but not together:) Anyway, more on the pregnancy to come, including belly pics. I am 4 months, and still don't appear that pregnant, mostly just really full, but I guess that is ok. To make up for no belly pics now, I will leave you with these two cuties...