Thursday, July 12, 2007

Almost Done!!!!!!!!!

Well, Andy is in his last week of work! After next Tuesday night, Andy will no longer work at Walgreens, which means no more leaving me and little Stella for the night. I don't think anyone is happier that he is done than I am, not even him. Working the night shift at Walgreens has been great for Andy, and it has really been a good job, but leaving it behind doesn't make me the least bit sad. We are getting more and more ready to make our big move - most likely to South Carolina - and it has sure been a hassle. It will be nice to finally be settled into wherever we move, and get back into some kind of normal routine. As you can imagine, Stella is still beautiful. She has grown to 7 lbs. 5 oz. She now fits into her newborn clothes so she gets to wear more than just her same two outfits over and over. That is fun for me. She was able to meet many second cousins on the fourth of July and then meet her little cousin Jagger. It will be fun to see her interact with them when she is a little older. Anyway - I have a lot to do with little time - so I am off.