Thursday, April 29, 2010

he has been schooled

This was Andy walking into his last class of his Law School career. He is done with all classes, and all finals. Now the only thing that stands between him and graduation is a week long trip for us and his parents in Myrtle Beach. Not too shabby! Congrats Babe! Can't believe you are really done! You did me proud!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All this from that...

The cause of the fire has been determined. A cigarette butt was tossed into the pine straw (for those not from around here... old dried pine needles used in landscaping here) and caught the side of the building on fire, and once the fire hit the attic, it went crazy spreading to every inch of the building. Nice. Dear smoker... glad you got your fix. Next time, think about where you toss your leftovers. Thanks.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here are some pics I took earlier this morning of the pieces left behind. So far it appears the fire may have been started by a gas grill on an apartments back porch. No official word has been said though. At about 1:00 this afternoon, some of the residents of some of these apartments were allowed to start bringing things out that could be saved. (pretty much everything that wasn't burned to ashes is flooded from the fire hoses, or completely smoke damaged) So far, we only know of one dog that died in the fire. That is a miracle!

The fire at our apartments...

Here are some pics of the fire at our apartments tonight. We are so grateful we weren't really affected. Shaken up, definately, Stella is pretty scared. But other than that we just smell like we have been camping, and have a really good excuse to buy some fire ladders for the windows. So far it appears everyone is accounted for. Some pets were trapped in the homes, which breaks my heart, but I am so grateful they think all people made it out in time.

These first two Andy took about 20 minutes after we went outside, So the firemen had already been working on it for a while...

The firemen are still out there on the extended ladders spraying the building... now 5 hours later... and they have set up camp with a big tent and truck of food and blankets, etc, so they will most likely be here all night. I am grateful for this because knowing they are out there will help me actually get some sleep tonight.

These pics are from news websites:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My awesome hubby

Just wanted to post about how awesome Andy is...

He took the MPRE a few weeks ago (the national portion of the bar) and scored super high - way higher then was needed to become licensed in any state!!! I am proud...

He only has a few classes left, and then its time for finals, and then the BAR exam...

Good job Babe!!! Love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a really good Easter weekend around here. We enjoyed our time searching for Easter eggs, listening to conference, eating symbolic foods, and celebrating Jesus Christ. Our weekend started off with an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. I was taking some family pictures and newborn pictures for my good friend Shalene and her cute family. They had a lot of family in from out of town, so family pictures were in order. And, lucky for our kiddos, so was an Easter egg hunt. Stella was picky about which basket she got to carry around, and really wanted the light blue one you see her with in the pictures. She was able to find a ton of Easter eggs, thanks to Dad. Sterling wanted nothing to do with walking around looking for eggs - he simply wanted to sit exactly where he was and play with the two eggs Dad found for him right off the start. We had a good time!

Then came Sunday - when I, not even thinking about whether or not the Easter bunny had come, slept in while Andy got out of Bed with Stella. I walked out to find Andy with a pile of candy on the counter, quickly arranging a basket full of goody's for miss Stella Mae. Later she told me that Dad put my "thing" (hot glue gun) on her basket to fix it. The beads had come off of part of her basket and he fixed it for her - then filled her up. (Good thing she is too young to realize that if daddy did the basket, then the Easter bunny didn't - that was a nice save on Andy's part... this is the reason this year will go down in history as the year daddy saved Easter!) I quickly grabbed Sterling's basket and Andy filled his up too. Just in time for some "mouths full of candy" pictures.

After conference, we went to the Rozmus's and shared with them Andy's Easter meal that he only gets once a year. ( I had Lamb for the first time when I was pregnant with Stella... made me barf and now it just doesn't taste pleasant at all.) He went all out, making leg of lamb with mint jelly, carrots potatoes, cauliflower, and onions, rolls, greek olives, grape juice, and cookies for desert.

We really enjoyed our family time, and celebrating our Brother Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Easter was great!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

play all day

Here are a couple pics I took of the stella belle while I was taking family pics for some friends in their back yard. She loves going to play with people who have awesome swing sets. She could play and play and play all day. A swing-set will be first on the Christmas list once we have a house!

Tomorrow I am going to try to post about our Easter festivities and how this will go down in history as the year Andy saved Easter. We have had a great day celebrating our Elder Brother, and His resurrection.