Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life with Everett

Things with Everett have been going great! He is so far, my best sleeper and eater, now that we have some Zantac for his throwing up issues. He was up every hour to eat, barf, act uncomfortable, and then fall asleep for a few minutes to wake up and do it all again, but now goes three hours between feedings, (and five hours two times now... lets hope this continues) and only has the occasional spit up with a burp. He sleeps a lot, and is growing like a mad man. On his 1 month birthday he weighed 10 pounds 6.4 ounces. CHUNK!!! (these pics are not recent, and do not show his chub:)) He smiles quite a bit also, but so far I am the only one who sees most of them, as it usually happens at night while Andy is reading, praying, and brushing teeth with the other two munchkins.

He is such a little sweet man, and we are loving having him around! Stella told me the other day that she likes "real" babies. She also said that she has misses Everett so much, because he was in my tummy for such a long time, so she wants to bring him along on our mother daughter date. (good thing, cause he'd be coming along anyway)


Lund Family said...

So sweet Melissa...glad he is sleeping good and can't wait to meet him this summer!

The Cherry Family said...

i need new pictures!! you're making me soooo baby hungry...oh wait, already there. looking at him just makes me not be able to wait to meet my little one though.