Saturday, July 23, 2011

How did this happen...4???

Stella turned 4... don't know how that ever happened. One day she was a baby... now she is a full on little girl. She wanted a "tangled" birthday party. I got online with her to look up some cake ideas... that is the last time I will ever do that! She saw the one she wanted... and so I got stuck making the most challenging cake possible. It had me stressing for weeks... and busy as a bee for 4 days trying to make the monstrosity. But, it turned out well (meaning it did not tip over and actually tasted good... she enjoyed it and I felt like I had accomplished something I didn't really think I could) Although the cake looked no where near as perfect as the example I had to go off of... it was good enough for stella... and therefore good enough for me. On her actual birthday we had an enjoyable evening as a family... making sure Stella knew we loved her and thought she was special. On the saturday after her birthday, her friends came over, sang her happy birthday, gave her some presents (all things that go over really well with her) and then we went to bouncy bratz for some running and jumping. In her mind I think the day wasperfect. In my mind... it was a little mind boggling. I still cant believe she is 4... that means I dont have much time before she starts kindergarten... and that seems like it is when it is all over. My baby is getting so big... For her birthday we got her a fishing pole... which she loves... and dance lessons. She has been showing off her dance moves all the time. The other night during family prayer I noticed her tapping her feet one at a time. After the prayer was over, she looked up with a big grin and said... "I was doing toe drops!" Funny little girl! She was also spoiled by her grandparents. She has all the princess dresses and accessories she will ever need. She is one happy little (big) girl:)

At 4 years old Stella loves:
barbie fairy secret
Tangled... and long hair (she points people out in the grocery store with long hair... she admires it soooo much... she loves to get her hair wet in the bath - to help it grow)
helping her parents in the garden
helping her dad weed the lawn
long dresses... to the floor
cheese roll ups
dance class